About M-Show



M-show is hosted by Nakamura Mishow,
Master Instructor of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. Today, ikebana is practiced and appreciated by many people throughout the world. Nakamura Mishow is a well-reputed Master Instructor of the Sogetsu-Ikebana. Sogetsu-Ikebana is known as an open-minded and avant-gardist style.

Nakamura Mishow is fascinated by the spiritual nature of Ikebana Sogetsu’s original form and delivering the joy of creation to people.
She started her career on flower displays such as commercial facilities since 1990s.
Since then, she has been expanding Ikebana presence in various places including indoors and outdoors installation, events, international performances in Hawaii, Sydney, Hong Kong, etc, and conducting cultural exchanges. Recently, she also collaborates with various artists in other fields and conducts business trip instructors.